Top 10 Reasons to Support Carefirst’s One-Stop Multi-Services Centre
  1. Carefirst has a long history and extensive experiences in serving the community. Carefirst is accredited by Accreditation Canada for providing professional and quality services.
  1. Carefirst provides community support, health, and wellness services to Scarborough and nearby residents. The One-stop Multi-services Centre will centralize services in one location for increased accessibility.
  1. United Way of Greater Toronto has identified the area of Agincourt and Steeles-L’Amoreaux as “under-resourced” and “under-served”. The One-stop Multi-services Centre will be suitably located in the Steeles-L’Amoreaux area to meet the needs of the growing immigrant population.
  1. Carefirst’s One-stop Multi-services Centre support integration of immigrants into Canadian society by filling the service gap.
  1. Carefirst’s One-stop Multi-services Centre will provide comprehensive integrated care services to the community by adopting the ‘On-Lok’ service model of care. Seniors will be able to access services such as medical care, acute care, transitional care, adult day centre, home health care services, transportation and other needed services under one roof.
  1. Carefirst works proactively to bridge service gaps and community needs. To address the need for social and health care services that keep seniors and people with chronic disease healthy and “aging in the community”, Carefirst Seniors joined with Carefirst Family Health Team to develop a Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Management Centre.
  1. Carefirst’s One-stop Multi-services Centre will provide care in line with a Health Council of Canada report, which recommends that home care should be more integrated in the health-care system, with family physicians taking part in the home-care team.
  1. By 2024, seniors aged 65 and older are projected to make up nearly 17% of Toronto’s total population, up from 13% in 2009.
  1. In Canada, only 7% of seniors live in a long term care facilities. The remaining 93% of seniors are in need of services provided by community organizations like Carefirst.
  1. Carefirst’s One-stop Multi-services Centre expects to serve more than 66,000 individuals in the Scarborough and nearby community, improving their health and quality of life.