Dear All,
Carefirst’s Capital Campaign Committee, Building Committee and management staff have sweated over at least the last five years in developing this flagship capital project for Carefirst, which process has been very challenging, laborious and monumental. In the last five years, the different teams have worked relentlessly and spent countless hours in shouldering the following tasks:
  • promotion and solicitation of support from the clients, staff, service partners and government/funders

  • search/purchase of the land

  • search for the Project Manager

  • search for the architect

  • application for Infrastructure Loan

  • planning and architectural design

  • trouble shooting and lobbying for support

  • application for re-zoning to include the transitional care centre

  • application for site planning and the building permit

  • tendering and selection of the general contractors

  • fundraising campaign for the capital project

As of to-date, I am exhilarated to inform you that we are now ready to proceed to the next important milestone – The “ground breaking ceremony” of the Carefirst One-Stop Multi-Services Centre, which will be held on Wednesday, November 6, 2013.
As you may want to understand that the total capital project cost is $18 million, the Ontario Infrastructure Loan has approved a loan of $12 million to Carefirst, while the organization has to raise $6 million before the completion of the building construction. We still have yet to raise $1.5 million to reach the fundraising target.
To this end, the Capital Campaign Committee would like you to help spread the words by inviting as many as possible your service partners/agencies, friends and potential supporters who you deem appropriate to this “ground breaking ceremony”. Please provide the names, contacts and addresses to Patty Chan for better coordination of the invitations.
If you have any questions about the arrangement, please contact Edith Lam, Program Director. Thank you for your support to Carefirst.
Helen Leung
CEO, Carefirst